Here’s inviting gymnasts to participate in VIRTUAL GYMNASTICS INVITATIONAL MEET 2021 organized with the sole intention of promoting the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts have to perform the Beam skills on a High Balance Beam (Beam height from mat 70 cm-125 cm). Gymnasts will be judged and ranked against each other by a panel of judges virtually. This is an ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS MEET judged for ARTISTIC GIRLS(High Balance Beam). A Gymnast can PARTICIPATE IN ONLY ONE LEVEL,IN ONE AGE GROUP. Open to all gymnasts across India

Jul 2021


How will the competition be conducted?

  • The competition will be judged LIVE ON 31st July by a panel of qualified JUDGES.
  • All paid participants of the same level get added to a WhatsApp group.
  • Details: time of the performance, date and Zoom link will be shared in the group by 28th July.
  • On event day the gymnast needs to login at the time specified using the Zoom link and password.
  • Once judges are ready the participant will be invited to join the meet and begin their performance.

Fee Details and Prizes

  • Entry fee – Rs 125/- per apparatus (Rupees One Hundred and twenty five only). Only 1 entry per gymnast is allowed.
  • An E-certificate of participation will be given to all
  • Top 3 winners in each category receive a medal & hard copy certificate by courier
  • Winners will feature on the event website and social media.


  • Go to and Register. Only one entry per level/category
  • Make the payment using the Online UPI / QR code that was sent via email after filling registration form
  • Once payment is done WhatsApp the screen shot to 9632961700. Mention participants full name and DOB. Your registration is confirmed once payment is received.

How will the competition be judged?

  • The jury will comprise of 3 qualified judges
  • Clubs will be given the option to be part of the jury if desired
  • Every level will be judged by a panel of 3 judges
  • Judging will be done LIVE
  • Scores will be tabulated and displayed once the performance is complete
  • Final scores across all LEVELS will be displayed on by end of each day


  • Under 8 Years (Born in 2014 & 2013)
  • Under 10 Years (Born in 2012 & 2011)
  • Under 12 Years (Born in 2010 & 2009)
  • Under 14 Years (Born in 2008 & 2007)
  • Under 16 Years (Born in 2006 & 2005)


  • Skills /Elements details and values provided below
  • A Gymnast cannot participate in a lower age group than their own.
  • A Gymnast cannot participate in more than one age group / level.
  • All Gymnasts should provide their Aadhar Card as age proof if asked by the judges.
  • Date of Competition : July 31st
  • Entry Fee Rs 125/- per apparatus.
  • Last Date for entries: 23rd July, 2021


  • The scoring system will be an out of 10 scoring system
  • Gymnasts should perform only the listed 7 skills. Skill list below.
  • Table below shows of max score based on number of elements done
  • Deductions will be as per FIG code
  • Example Scores: Final Score = Max Points – Deductions
  • 5 skills performed and Avg Deductions of 1.2, Score=8-1.2= 6.8
  • 7 skills performed and Avg Deductions of 0.8, Score=10-0.8= 9.2

Please NOTE

  • Ensure Beam height is as per required (Beam height from mat 70 cm-125 cm).
  • No jewelry of any kind to be worn during the performance.
  • Hair must be tied away from the face at anytime.
  • No shoes to be worn during the performance.
  • Please ensure you have good internet connectivity. If there is a drop in connectivity when performing we will rely on the video uploaded by the participant recorded by parents / coaches to give the final score. NO REPEAT PERFORMANCE WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • Girls attire – Leotard, cycling shorts with tucked in T-shirt.
  • No refunds will be entertained.
  • Judges decision is final and cannot be challenged.
Girls Skills

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