Mumbai Games Season 2

Gymnastics Association, Thane is the Organising Tumbling Gymnastics event of Mumbai Games Season 2 on 5th Jan 2020 at Shravan Sports Complex,Dombivli east.

event Start Date

The Championship will consist of events for U8, U10,U12, U14 and U16.

5 th

jan 2020
  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 min
  • 00 sec

Other Details

The competition shall be conducted as per the Rules of MAGA.In the event finals (abbreviated EF), the top eight (max 2 from each contingent) gymnasts from qualifying round on each event compete again on the respective apparatus for medals. Only two gymnasts from each contingent will be awarded. Event finals will only be conducted if the numbers of participating gymnasts are more than 12 in each age group. If less than 12 gymnasts compete in each age group, event medals will be awarded from qualifying round.


Individual Results



GIRLS (U-10) BOYS (U-10)
GIRLS (U-14) BOYS (U-14)
GIRLS(U-16) BOYS(U-16)

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To inculcate in young minds the spirit of healthy competition while exhibiting their talents and potential

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