Anouncing the first ever RYP INVITATIONAL GYMNASTICS VIRTUAL MEET 2020 organized with the sole intention of promoting the sport of gymnastics, identifying talent and keeping with Dr. Ramesh Prabhoo’s dream to churn out stellar Olympic athletes. Gymnasts can perform skills either from the comfort of their home or at their gymnastic clubs. Gymnasts have to video record their best performance for each apparatus and upload it seperately by apparatus. Once the video is uploaded that will be considered as the finaly entry into the meet. Only one video should be uploaded for each apparatus for one gymnast. A panel of qualified judges will judge the meet. This is an event for GIRLS Aged 5yrs+ and BOYS aged 5yrs to 9yrs ONLY. A Gymnast can PARTICIPATE IN ONLY ONE LEVEL, BASED ON THEIR YEAR OF BIRTH. Open to all gymnasts across India

dec 2020


How to participate?

  • Register your gymnast on https://www.indiangymnastics.live/ryp.php.
  • Any incomplete registration will not be accepted.
  • Only after the payment is complete will the registration be accepted.
  • Registration OPENs on Dec 11th 2020.
  • Once the registration is complete you will receive an email with 2 links. 1. Link to view SET / ROUTINE illustrations 2. Link to upload your videos
  • One gymnast can upload only 1 video for each apparatus that they have selected
  • Each apparatus video has to be uploaded separately
  • Each Video file size should not exceed 12-15MB
  • LAST DATE TO UPLOAD videos is January 10th 2021
  • Results will be announced on January 15th 2021
  • Results will posted on https://www.indiangymnastics.live/

Fee Details and Result Categories

  • Entry fee is Rs 150/- per apparatus.
  • LEVEL 1-4 is open for BOYS and GIRLS
  • LEVEL 5 and above is open only for GIRLS
  • LEVEL 5 and above gymnast / aged 10yrs + can choose to participate in any 1/2/3 or all 4 apparatus
  • An e-certificate of participation will be given to all participants
  • Details on required skill and its values are attached.
  • Winners will be announced by category and certificates will be emailed. Categories are –
  • * 9 and above – GOLD CATEGORY
  • * 8 to 8.9 –SILVER CATEGORY
  • * 7 to 7.9 – BRONZE CATEGORY
  • * 6 to 6.9 – COPPER CATEGORY


  • You can choose the apparatus in your level.
  • All apparatus are not compulsory
  • APPARATUS ROUTINES are available on the website https://www.indiangymnastics.live/ryp_demo.php

Please NOTE

  • No jewelry of any kind to be worn during the performance.
  • Hair must be tied away from the face at anytime.
  • No shoes to be worn during the performance.
  • Audio quality of the music should be tested.MUSIC IS NOT COMPULSORY for girls floor routines
  • Please remember the quality of the video has to be good for the judges. Once the video is uploaded it cannot be changed. If you upload 2 videos of the same apparatus your gymnast will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • Boys attire – T-shirt tucked into shorts, Leotard, No baggy shorts.
  • Girls attire – Leotard, cycling shorts with tucked in T-shirt.
  • Floor routines should be performed by Girls and Boys using a mat.
  • No refunds will be entertained.
  • Judges decision is final and cannot be challenged.
Girls Skills

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