Here’s inviting gymnasts to participate in India’s first VIRTUAL GYMNASTICS INVITATIONAL MEET 2020 organized with the sole intention of promoting the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts can perform these skills either from the comfort of their home or at their gymnastic clubs. Gymnasts will be judged and ranked against each other by a panel of judges virtually. This is an (ONLY FLOOR) ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS MEET, judged separately for ARTISTIC BOYS and ARTISTIC GIRLS. For GIRLS every level has two categories. Silver & Gold. The Gold Category skills are progressive skills. A Gymnast can PARTICIPATE IN ONLY ONE LEVEL, UNDER ONE CATEGORY, IN ONE AGE GROUP. Open to all gymnasts across India

nov 2020

7/8 th

How will the competition be conducted?

  • The competition will be judged LIVE ON 7TH & 8TH NOV by a panel of qualified JUDGES.
  • All paid participants of the same level get added to a WhatsApp group.
  • Details: time of the performance, date and Zoom link will be shared in the group by 4th Nov.
  • On event day the gymnast needs to login at the time specified using the Zoom link and password.
  • Once judges are ready the participant will be invited to join the meet and begin their performance.

Fee Details and Prizes

  • Entry fee – Rs 150/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only). Only 1 entry per gymnast is allowed.
  • An E-certificate of participation will be given to all
  • Top 6 winners in each category receive a medal & hard copy certificate by courier
  • Winners will feature on the event website and social media.


  • Go to and Register. Only one entry per level/category
  • Make the payment using the UPI / QR code that was sent via email after filling registration form
  • Once payment is done WhatsApp the screen shot to 9632961700. Mention participants full name and DOB. Your registration is confirmed once payment is received.

How will the competition be judged?

  • The jury will comprise of 3 qualified judges
  • Clubs will be given the option to be part of the jury if desired
  • Every level will be judged by a panel of 3 judges
  • Judging will be done LIVE
  • Scores will be tabulated and displayed once the performance is complete
  • Final scores across all LEVELS will be displayed on by end of each day


  • Under 8 Years (Born on or after 1/1/2013)
  • Under 10 Years (Born on or after 1/1/2011)
  • Under 12 Years (Born on or after 1/1/2009)
  • Under 14 Years (Born on or after 1/1/2007)
  • Under 16 Years (Born on or after 1/1/2005)


  • Skills /Elements details and values provided below
  • Separate championship will held for Artistic Boys and Artistic Girls.
  • A Gymnast cannot participate in a lower age group than their own.
  • A Gymnast cannot participate in more than one age group / level or category
  • All Gymnasts should provide their Aadhar Card as age proof if asked by the judges.
  • Date of Competition : Nov 7th and 8th 2020
  • Entry Fee Rs 150/- per participant
  • Last Date for entries: 1st NOVEMBER, 2020
  • Late entries will entail a Rs 500/- late fee if slots available.


  • The scoring system will be an out of 10 scoring system
  • Gymnasts should perform only the listed 7 skills. Skill list below.
  • For the girls, music needs to be instrumental only. NO VOCALS ALLOWED
  • Table below shows of max score based on number of elements done
  • Deductions will be as per FIG code
  • Example Scores: Final Score = Max Points – Deductions
  • 5 skills performed and Avg Deductions of 1.2, Score=8-1.2= 6.8
  • 7 skills performed and Avg Deductions of 0.8, Score=10-0.8= 9.2

Please NOTE

  • Ensure you have an open space of 10ft*10ft without any furniture for performance.
  • No jewelry of any kind to be worn during the performance.
  • Hair must be tied away from the face at anytime.
  • No shoes to be worn during the performance.
  • Audio quality of the music should be tested.
  • Please ensure you have good internet connectivity. If there is a drop in connectivity when performing we will rely on the video uploaded by the participant recorded by parents / coaches to give the final score. NO REPEAT PERFORMANCE WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • Boys attire – T-shirt tucked into shorts, Leotard, No baggy shorts.
  • Girls attire – Leotard, cycling shorts with tucked in T-shirt.
  • All Level 4 participants Girls and Boys must perform using a foam gymnastics mat others can use a yoga mat.
  • No refunds will be entertained.
  • Judges decision is final and cannot be challenged. One judge from each club is invited.
Girls Skills
Boys Skills

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To inculcate in young minds the spirit of healthy competition while exhibiting their talents and potential

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